Project Development & Project Proposal Writing (22-26 Mar. 2021)

Project Development & Project Proposal Writing (22-26 Mar. 2021)

DATE 22-26 March 2021
NO. OF TRAINEES (COUNTRIES)38 trainees (10 countries)

While AFoCO remains committed to undertaking action-oriented forest cooperation activities, the Secretariat has been initiating efforts to develop programs and projects with relevance to their five (5) Strategic Priority Areas. In this connection,  regional project, several ideas for regional projects were also presented at the 4th Session of the Assembly held in November 2020, with the aim of accomplishing AFoCO’s vision and mission through promoting equitable and inclusive regional cooperation in project implementation.

For the balanced development of priority areas, the need for more projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation has emerged, which is also linked to AFoCO’s application for an Accredited Entity of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Relatedly, the Secretariat is exploring channels to mobilize the GCF’s Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (The Readiness Programme) as a delivery partner, hoping that it will, in turn, serve as important corroboration to the application and more projects will be within reach in the near future.

Despite the fact that well-structured project documentation and technically implementable plan are prerequisites to win investment, it still remains as a major constraint to member countries mainly due to their shortage of project professionals. Thus, capacity building is essential to make them equipped with relevant skills to diversify and increase project funding sources. In accordance with the approval of the Strategic Plan, Project Manual, and Guidelines, the course provides participants with AFoCO’s project materials to cultivate project formulation skills and gives the potential to identify promising regional projects or/and GCF Readiness Programme.

The course aims to foster an understanding of project development and enhance the capacities of AFoCO member countries in developing AFoCO projects and related undertakings. The training aims to:

  • provide information on the step-by-step project formulation processes of AFoCO and other potential donors;
  • improve the project proposal skills of member countries taking into consideration of AFoCO’s Strategic Priority Areas and the requirements laid out in the Project Manual; 
  • identify potential country-specific and regional projects to be implemented by AFoCO; and 
  • identify potential Readiness Programme projects for GCF.

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