#REForest2023 Campaign at Space WADIZ

#REFOREST2023 Campaign to celebrate Earth Day!

Date & Time: 2023.04.20~05.07
Location: Space WADIZ in Seongsu, Seoul

The 2023REForest Campaign, a joint initiative by AFoCO, WADIZ, and Soofe’e, is set to kick off on April 20th, 2023. The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the importance of forests in mitigating the effects of climate change and to encourage public participation in addressing the climate crisis. The campaign will involve an offline pop-up store to be installed in Space WADIZ in Seongsu, Seoul, where customers can participate in the campaign by decorating a Let’s Forest wall with green leaves of environmentally conscious practices and purchasing designated products. The funds raised through the campaign will be used to plant mangrove forests in Southeast Asia, contributing to carbon neutrality through forest creation.

Participants in the offline campaign will be able to choose one green leaf out of three leaves with activities to practice at the event, receive an AFoCO x Soofe’e eco-friendly reusable bag by attaching the selected green leaf to the Let’s Forest Wall, and plant one tree for each green leaf selected. They can also post a photo on Instagram to enter a lottery drawing for a prize. Those who purchase Soofe’e products during the campaign period will receive an AFoCO x Soofe’e eco-friendly reusable bag and participate in missions for additional prizes through a lottery drawing.

The campaign’s expected outcomes include the restoration of 2023 mangrove trees, increased awareness of environmental issues, and a positive impact on people’s participation in practical conservation initiatives. The campaign is an excellent opportunity for the public to get involved in practical conservation initiatives and help preserve the environment.

[Event 1. Let’s Forest Together]

1. Visit the REForest2023 Campaign booth at Space WADIZ in Seongsu, Seoul

2. Join a booth activity – Attach a Green Leaf to the Let’s Forest Wall


AFoCO and Soofe’e will plant 1 mangrove tree for every Green Leaf

AFoCO x Soofe’e reusable bags

[Event 2. SNS Event]

1. Visit the REForest2023 Campaign booth at Space WADIZ in Seongsu, Seoul

2. Take a photo/video at the Exhibition

3. Upload a photo/video on your Instagram feed together with the following hashtags:
#아포코 #수페 #지구생각2023


AFoCO x Soofe’e reusable bags

*Further details about each event can be found on the AFoCO Korea Instagram Account

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