Young foresters look beyond forests

Nurturing young leaders in the field of forestry

Since 2014, AFoCO has successfully partnered with research institutes and international organizations across the region to provide training courses on forest restoration and rehabilitation, community-based forestry, forest fire management, biodiversity conservation, REDD+, and ecotourism among others.

In addition to regular training courses, AFoCO has expanded its portfolio of capacity building initiatives to include customized training courses that are tailored to meet the needs of technical-level officers, policy-makers, university students, and local communities in member countries.

AFoCO’s Young Forester Programs are experiential-based programs designed to enhance understanding of forest and forest ecosystems in Asia and promote international cooperation in forestry. The program also challenges university students to look beyond the forest and think of integrative and cross-sectoral approaches to deal with issues in the forestry sector. The week-long program includes participatory lessons and field visits to provide students with practical learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities.


Young Forester Program with Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (Kofpi)
(18-23 September 2019, AFoCO RETC)

A total of 20 students from 15 Universities of the Republic of Korea and 3 supervisors from Kofpi attended the course. Participants learned about Myanmar’s forestry sector and the current status of mangrove forests in Myanmar. They also visited the Teak Plantation & Degraded Forest in Min-Hla Township and a mangrove forest located along the beach in Letkokkon.


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