Pilot Project on Inventory of Unaccounted Forests in Kostanay and North Kazakhstan Regions and Automation of Information Collection on Forestry


  • USD 1,243,807


  • AFoCO Funding

    USD 953,277 76.64%

  • National Contribution

    USD 290,530 23.36%


Kazakhstan USD 1,243,807
    • 2022
    • 46%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 285,146
    National Contribution - USD 290,530
    • 2023
    • 19%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 230,486
    • 2024
    • 20%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 247,376
    • 2025
    • 15%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 190,269

Goals & Objectives

The project aims to improve forest management of Kazakhstan in terms of forest accounting and data management contributing to protection and conservation including regulatory procedures five (5) years after the project.

  • To conduct identification and mapping pilot inventory of the unaccounted forests in Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions; and
  • To develop a fully functional digital program (software) on forest data management.

Main Activities

Objective 1

  • Procure images from the satellite image supplier (KGS Space Technologies);
  • Procurement of equipment required to conduct activities for data processing and coding;
  • Conduct consultation meeting with relevant local forestry agencies and stakeholders in Kostanay and in North Kazakhstan Regions;
  • Collection of baseline data from relevant agencies and local stakeholders in two regions for validation and further analysis;
  • Conduct field inventory and validation in identified unaccounted forests; and
  • Map demarcation of identified unaccounted forests with special code and territorial arrangement.

Objective 2

  • Conduct in-house preparatory work through collection of baseline data
  • Conduct field visit for collection of baseline data from other leshoz and thereafter analysis of the collected data;
  • Hiring and coordination with selected IT company;
  • Installation and pilot test run of software;
  • Development of digital platform/program;
  • Consultation meeting in the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife for the preparation of the users’ manual; and
  • Workshop on the operationalization of the data management system.

Expected Outputs

  • Accounting of forest fund in Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions are completed, analyzed, properly documented and shared as model/template for nationwide inventory by the end of the Project; and
  • Digitalized data management system installed and launched in all forest agencies/institutions.

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